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Welder Jobs In Canada 2023 – Apply Now

Welder Jobs In Canada 2023: If you are comfortable with the notion that you will be asked to relocate frequently for your job, welding could be the ideal occupation for you. Welder jobs in Canada are often very competitive in terms of compensation, promotion opportunities, and job satisfaction.

Many people are interested in welding careers because they do not require a college degree. Welding is one of the few professions for which a high school diploma is sufficient to achieve financial success. Because of this, it is also an excellent option for immigrants who wish to launch a brand-new profession in Canada.

Why is the demand for welders so high?

Due to Canada’s thriving industrial sector, there will always be a demand for welders in the country. This is owing to their vital function in the overall production process. Yet, it is projected that the demand for welders would increase even further in the future. This is due to the fact that the average age of welders in Canada is 55 years old. As a result of the retirement of a substantial number of welders in Canada, employment opportunities will become available.

Welder Jobs In Canada 2023

In addition, Canadian secondary school concentrates exclusively on jobs in skilled occupations, such as welding. As a result, there will not be a large number of young welders to fill the vacant opportunities. As a direct result, there will be several chances for welders in Canada during the next few years. Welding is a fantastic career choice because of the numerous opportunities it provides.

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Welders must be able to do the following:

  • Understand and interpret plans, drawings, specifications, manuals, and procedures pertaining to welding.
  • Examine welds to ensure that they conform to norms and specifications.
  • Employ manual or semi-automatic flame-cutting equipment
  • Use computer-aided design (CAD) applications.
  • Use brakes, shears, and other metal bending, straightening, and shaping equipment.
  • Configure, deactivate, fine-tune, and monitor the robotic welding manufacturing line.
  • Fit, braze, and straighten metal with a flame.
  • Run oxygen arc-cutting equipment (arc-air) (AOC).
  • Assess the materials’ weldability.
  • Use lifting and hoisting equipment.
  • Use welding equipment to construct or repair metal parts and products.
  • Use brazing or soldering machines to join metals or to fill gaps, depressions, and seams.
  • Be accountable for the upkeep and maintenance of welding, brazing, and soldering equipment.


  • A minimum of two years of experience in manufacturing or welding experience is necessary.
  • Understanding of welding equipment and techniques
  • Engineering blueprints and schematics knowledge
  • Ability to manage a physically taxing workload

How Much Money Can a Canadian Welder Make?

The median hourly and yearly pay for welders in Canada is roughly $25.50 and $49.066, respectively. Experienced welders can earn up to $41.40 per hour, which is equivalent to $79,076 per year.

The average beginning wage for welder employment in Canada is $18 per hour or approximately $34,632 per year. Even while this may not seem significant, there are a few additional considerations you must make. Many welders, for instance, work alone or in irregular, less substantial welding jobs. This can result in an increase in revenue, which can sometimes exceed six figures.

It is crucial to be aware that the pay of urban welders is typically lower than those of their rural counterparts. If you are a welder seeking to boost your salary and are willing to live in a more remote area, you should seek employment outside of the big metropolitan cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are welders in demand in 2023?

By 2023, our workforce will require more than 375 thousand welders to meet the demands of multiple industries. (Emsi, 2019) To assist meet this demand, the AWS Foundation is promoting the sector and developing a competent workforce.

Is welding a viable profession in 2023?

Generally, welding positions pay well, and you can earn more as you gain experience. Yet, they can also be hazardous due to the frequent presence of combustible materials. Find the ten highest-paying welding occupations for 2023.

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