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Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023

Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023: Employment as an urban farmer in Japan for foreigners in the year 2023 is a life-altering prospect for job-seekers in impoverished Asian and African nations where the unemployment rate is rising daily. Agriculture, mining, fishing, and farming collectively constitute Japan’s core industrial sector. More than fifty percent of the country’s workforce is working in the agricultural sector.

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In addition, Japan relies on rice as a staple and national cuisine. For rice farming, the best and most fertile terrain is used. Moreover, according to East Asia Forum, rice exports from Japan have been expanding recently. The exports of brown and polished rice increased from 4,515 tonnes in 2014 to 22,831 tonnes in 2021, a rise of a factor of ten. The majority of Japan’s total net national output consists of agricultural/ farming items.

Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023
Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023

Japan and other Asian tigers are well-known as world leaders and newly emerging technological superpowers, but Japan’s agricultural and farming potential also surpasses that of many other nations. In addition to soy, wheat, rice, and barley, Japan is renowned for its extensive fruit and vegetable cultivation. We have therefore brought up the option for foreigners to obtain Urban Farmer positions in Japan in 2023. Some jobs give visa sponsorship, while others do not and offer the position in exchange for extremely simple and formal conditions.

This company, Infarm, is an international corporation with subsidiaries in Japan and many other countries. Being one of the world’s most rapidly expanding multinational firms in vertical farming, it employs professionals from all around the globe. Because Infarm, Japan is run by an international staff, it is easy for foreigners to obtain employment there.

What is Urban Farming?

Urban agriculture, urban farming, and urban gardening refer to the cultivation, processing, and distribution of plants and animals in urban environments. Redesigning or repurposing urban green space to grow food (or other crops) for residents. It also includes activities such as fishing and forest management. This word is used in contrast to the traditional term rural farming, which refers to the historical practice of cultivating land in rural areas. While metropolitan regions are centers of commerce and technology, urban agriculture incorporates numerous modern farming techniques, such as the use of apps, software, and sophisticated machinery.

Details of Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners

  • Job title: Urban Farmer/Agricultural worker/ Farm Worker
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes/ No
  • Hiring agency: Infarm Japan
  • Age limit: as recommended for a Japanese work visa
  • Free food: No
  • Free Accommodation: As per the company’s policy
  • Free transport: As per the company’s policy
  • Free Medical: Mostly Yes

Requirements for Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners

Because urban farmers fall under the category of skilled workers, you must meet the conditions for a skilled worker visa to Japan. According to the job advertisement, the following requirements are listed:

  • A valid work visa.
  • A valid driving license.
  • Urban Farming experience (depending on the company funding you).
  • A thorough understanding of all Vertical Farming practices, including the operation of machinery.
  • Excellent English communication skills. Several jobs demanded a high school diploma as evidence of English language proficiency.

Responsibilities of Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023

Anyone with a desire for fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs with many health benefits, gardening, and farming is ideally suited to become an urban farmer in Japan.

  • Pick and pack Infarm veggies and herbs to deliver the finest quality service to clients while minimizing crop waste.
  • In compliance with the company’s quality, safety, and environmental requirements and procedures, maintaining the cleanliness of in-store farms.
  • Using the company’s innovative hydroponic culture equipment and cutting-edge indoor vertical farming technique, all yield (herbs and leafy vegetables) are cultivated.
  • Using the Infarm app to record harvests and report yield issues (any vegetables or herbs). Using the app for daily billing of Infarm’s customers is also possible (such as retailers and supermarkets).
  • In compliance with Infarm’s rules and processes, provide client feedback and service requests.

The Average Salary of Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023

The typical wage of a farmer varies greatly based on experience, skills, geography, and gender. According to Salary Explorer, a Farmer in Japan makes approximately 169,000 JPY per month, which includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. The lowest salary is 91,100 JPY and the highest is 255,000 JPY (highest).

How to Apply for Urban Farmer Jobs In Japan For Foreigners 2023?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I work as a farmer in Japan in 2023?

    You must possess at least a high school diploma. You must be 20 to 30 years old. You must have a minimum of one year of experience in the job/skill area for which you are applying. You should avoid getting tattoos.

  • Can foreigners be farmers in Japan in 2023?

    Under the aegis of a government-sanctioned technical training program, foreigners already harvest crops and do other work on Japanese farms. In contrast to those farmhands, however, applicants seeking employment in the special zones must have at least one year of agricultural experience.

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