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Unskilled Jobs In Portugal For Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now

Unskilled Jobs In Portugal For Foreigners 2023: Many Asian unskilled workers desire to settle and work in Portugal, but they do not know where these jobs are accessible, how to obtain them, the qualifications, the application process, etc. If you are among these job seekers, there is no cause for concern. We have provided the exact data of all job categories in Portugal, as well as their full descriptions.

The Portuguese employment market is expansive and openly embraces foreigners in addition to its own citizens. If you are aware of which firms offer visa-sponsored employment and how to apply for Portugal’s work visa in the case of unsponsored employment, you will have no difficulty. A high level of education is not required for visa sponsorship. There are many occupations that do not demand extensive qualifications; all you need is some experience, a clean criminal background, and a healthy medical history.

Details About Unskilled Jobs In Portugal For Foreigners 2023

Unskilled Jobs In Portugal For Foreigners 2023
Unskilled Jobs In Portugal For Foreigners 2023
  • Job title: Unskilled workers
  • Country: Portugal
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: Mostly yes
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes/No

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Job Categories in Portugal with Visa Sponsorship

  1. Customer Service/ Support Jobs
  2. Data Scientists.
  3. Childcare Workers/ Nannies.
  4. Learning Support Representatives.
  5. Assistant Staff Jobs.
  6. Community Health Workers.
  7. Sale representatives.
  8. Translation Services Agents.
  9. Financial Analysts/Finance Jobs.
  10. Nurses/ Healthcare Assistants.
  11. Warehouse staff.
  12. Factory workers.
  13. HR jobs.
  14. English Language Teachers (ESL).
  15. Security guards.
  16. Accountants.
  17. Packers.
  18. Custodians.
  19. Car Wash attendants.
  20. Sanitors/ Cleaning Staff.
  21. Pickers/ Loaders.
  22. Construction Workers.
  23. Landscaping crew members.
  24. Traffic Control flaggers.
  25. Laundry attendants.
  26. Maintenance workers.
  27. Truck/ Heavy vehicles driver.
  28. Taxi drivers.
  29. IT jobs.
  30. Business Administration jobs.

How to get a work visa sponsor for Portugal

Portugal is an EU state, All non-EU citizens need a visa to stay and work in Portugal. The job posting you are applying for must have been active for one month on the website. The employer who selects you applies for the work permit on his own behalf. After you get the permit from the Portuguese Labor Authorities, you apply for a work visa from Portugal on your own. This permit expires every two years, and you apply for its renewal on your own behalf. If you want PR, you have to wait for five years. It is also good to remember that visa conditions are a bit lengthy and strict for unskilled laborers as compared to skilled or tech visa applicants. The main things you need are:

  • Proof of employment/ Job reference letter with the pay slip for the last 6 months.
  • Clean criminal record (of your native country or any other country you have been living in for one year)
  • Health/Medical insurance proof (of not less than 30,000 Euros).
  • Proof of stay in Portugal.
  • Original bank statements of the last six months (not less than 200,000 PKR).
  • Bank Account Maintenance certificate.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Legalized vaccination documents.
  • Sponsor letter.

The average salary of an unskilled worker in Portugal.

It depends upon a number of factors, like a candidate’s profile, relevant qualifications, work experience, the industry he works in, etc. However, the average minimum wage in Portugal is €822.5 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to find employment in Portugal?

It can be challenging to get employment in Portugal. But, the tourism and technology industries are rapidly expanding, so you should have little trouble finding employment in Portugal. Also, many multinational corporations are relocating to Portugal, making it easier to get employment in the country.

Which occupations are in demand in Portugal?

Documents Needed For A Portugal Work Permit
A valid Portuguese Residence Visa.
Evidence of residence in Portugal.
A valid passport or travel document issued by the government.
2 recent passport photographs.
Clean criminal record.
A work agreement between an employer and an employee.
Evidence of enrollment with Portugal’s Social Security.

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