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Top German Universities in Hamburg 2023 – Apply Now

Top German Universities in Hamburg 2023: Hamburg is as much scientific city as it is a cultural and cosmopolitan city. It has 16 public and private universities offering education in different fields of study such as medicine, social media, philosophy, natural science, etc. Moreover, Students from all over the world come to Hamburg to make their careers and expand their horizons. 

List Of Top German Universities in Hamburg 2023

#1 University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg is the most extensive university in Germany along with the major education and research center. Its main campus is located in the Rotherbaum central district with different research centers and institutes spread around the city-state. Additionally, the University of Hamburg has 6 faculties and offers approximately 149 different courses with quality education. Moreover, it has 700 professors engaged in research and teaching, 3600 academic staff and 6100 technical and administrative staff. 

The University of Hamburg is the third-largest university among all of the universities in Germany. Currently, it has 40,000 students enrolled in different subjects which depicts that it is a popular choice among students because of the research facilities it provides. It is one of those universities offering core research on climate in Germany since 2007 when the initiative was put forward by the federal government. Furthermore, Neurosciences, cosmology, and linguistics are famous subjects among the students of the University of Hamburg. 

#2 Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1970 as Fachhochschule Hamburg. During its formation, six vocational schools and four engineering schools were brought together with a goal to form a big institution. Moreover, the main focus was to provide practical knowledge to students in the form of degrees so that this knowledge an be applied to laboratory work, industries, and practice-related projects. 

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences provides education from the following faculties:

  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Business and Public Management
  • Design, Media and Information
  • Social Work and Nursing

The University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg offers degrees in numerous majors such as information technology, media, communications, and economics. Moreover, the university has affiliations with a lot of foreign universities providing its students with opportunities for research abroad. Currently, there are 13,000 students enrolled in the university from which 2,000 of them are foreign students.  

Top German Universities in Hamburg 2023
Top German Universities in Hamburg 2023

#3 Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH)

The Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) has separate administrations for research and teaching, unlike other traditional institutions. Teaching in TUHH is divided into the schools of study while research is carried out in different departments. Moreover, scientists working in different departments collaborate with one another to produce new researches. Apart from this, the curriculum for the students is prepared by academic specialty which depends upon the course to be taught. 

The Technical University Hamburg-Harburg is the second-largest university in the Hamburg city and is situated across the harbor in the Harburg district of the city. The university is popular for providing majors in engineering, ship-building, electrical engineering and city planning. It was founded in 1978 and it was the first German university to connect researchers, private companies and investors in one place. Moreover, the university also has affiliation with the Northern Institute of Technology, offering an MBA degree as well. 

#4 Helmut Schmidt University

The Helmut Schmidt University was founded in 1973 as a German military educational establishment by the Federal Minister of Defence. The university is also known as the University of the federal armed forces. Helmut Schmidt has a division between administration and teaching areas which is common to all universities. Moreover, the university provides education from 4 main faculties such as

  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty
  • Electrical Engineering Faculty
  • Economics Faculty

#5 HafenCity University (HCU)

HafenCity University (HCU) is one of the best and only of its kind among European universities. HafenCity University provides excellent research facilities to students, aiming to prepare them for the future global market. The university focuses on the concretizing and planning of metropolitan areas. Moreover, HCU follows a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to prepare its students for the future. The following are the disciplines offered by HCU which are required to design and understand the urban environment. 

  • Metropolitan Culture
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics, Urban Planning
  • Urban Design and Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning

HafenCity University (HCU) is a unique kind of university that focuses only on metropolitan development and architecture. Moreover, any discipline that comes under metropolitan development and architecture is taught at HCU university. Additionally, it offers a unique Master’s degree in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning and Urban Design.  

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Hamburg is home to Top Quality Universities:

So, if you are considering having a degree from abroad then Hamburg is a very good choice. As it has a number of universities offering great degree programs with quality education. Moreover, Hamburg has a lot of cultural events and great nightlife programs helping students to indulge in different things also. Lastly, it doesn’t matter from which area of the world you come from, Hamburg will always welcome you with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should applications to German universities for 2023 be submitted?

    Numerous individuals are in search of the application deadlines for German universities in 2023. 01/04 to 30/09 are the application deadlines for the summer semester. The winter 2023 intake, also known as the September intake, begins in September and concludes in February or March.

  2. What is the university ranking of Hamburg in 2023?

    Admission 2023-2024, Rankings, Tuition…
    According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, the University of Hamburg was ranked 128 out of 1,799 universities worldwide that received a position.

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