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Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal 2023 For Foreigners

Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal 2023: I wrote this article to provide an overview of the skills shortage jobs in Portugal for foreigners as well as to give you some useful insight into the Portuguese labor market. As you know Portugal is one of the top tourist destinations that’s why there are many casual jobs available in Portugal’s tourism and hospitality industry and most of these jobs are well paid.

So jobs for overseas skilled workers in Portugal are available to foreigners but there are some requirements like qualifications and work experience, language skills, and visas that job applicants must take care of and hence I have created this useful article. To guide you through it all.

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List of occupations with skills shortages in Portugal in 2023

According to a report published by the European CEDEFOP, a large proportion of occupations with skills shortages belong to seasonal work/business categories such as fishing, forestry, the tourism sector, and agriculture, while there are some standard occupations that have more Also in demand are nannies, cleaners, construction workers, programmers, healthcare workers, aerospace and IT workers.

Also, I think it may be worth mentioning that Portugal also has some low-demand surplus jobs for which international recruitment is discouraged in Portugal and they are mining workers, and leather industry workers. Workers, textile workers, tool makers, trade workers, and blacksmith workers.

Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal 2023 For Foreigners
Skills Shortage Jobs in Portugal 2023 For Foreigners

Can you get a job as a foreigner in Portugal?

You can apply for the skills shortage available in Portugal for the high-demand jobs I have explained in the section above but I would further clarify if you are from any EEA European Economic Area country. , or from the European Union (EU) region, you can easily find jobs. In Portugal but if you are from any other country you are allowed to search for job opportunities online in Portugal and need to apply for Portugal Work Visa or Job Seekers Visa after receiving the appointment letter. Will be.

I also advise you to prepare your resume, CV, and cover letter according to the job description and supporting documents such as work experience letters, recommendations, degrees, and transcripts to submit your job applications in Portugal. do

And now if you are wondering where to find jobs in Portugal, please start from the Portugal Government Jobs page where you will also find all the open job positions and as I mentioned above this government portal skills. Also focuses on hiring staff for shortage occupations. which are call centers, IT, tourism, metallurgy, health, construction, and agriculture, and all these jobs are advertised here on the IEFP jobs page.

Applying for or Portuguese work visa

Now after receiving a job offer from Portugal, your last step is to apply for a Portugal work visa and you can do this by submitting all the required documents and an application fee of €90 to your nearest Portuguese embassy.

On obtaining your temporary visa you will be allowed to enter Portugal for work purposes but later you will need to convert your temporary visa to a Portuguese residence permit and this will cost you around €83. will be received.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skills are most in demand in Portugal?

    What are the most in-demand jobs in Portugal? To find a job in Portugal, it is important to first consider your qualifications and work experience. Many job vacancies require Portuguese language skills, especially in specific fields such as architecture, accounting, engineering, medicine, and law.

  • Is it easy for foreigners to get jobs in Portugal?

    Yes, foreigners can work in Portugal. EU citizens will be able to work in the country easily. However, if you want to start working in Portugal as an American, British citizen, Indian, or other non-EU citizen, you will need to have a valid visa.

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