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Recruitment Agencies in Germany for Foreigners 2023

Recruitment Agencies in Germany for Foreigners: Most immigrants’ dream destination in Germany is Germany. When seeking a career or making arrangements to migrate to Germany people commonly make queries about recruiting firms in Germany for foreigners. Even if you are a non-EU citizen, you can live and work in Germany if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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When considering choosing Germany as a perfect destination there are often questions like; How can a foreigner get a job in Germany? Can I get a job in Germany without speaking German? What exactly is a blue card in Germany?

Germany has the largest economy in Germany, making it a favorite choice for people seeking jobs in Germany. Recent studies say that many New jobs are opening in Germany and there will be at least a 3 million workers shortage in Germany by 2030.

Another report states that Germany will depend on immigration from non-German nations to meet the requirement of talent shortfall. This makes Germany an excellent destination for foreigners seeking employment abroad but, to do this you will need the assistance of a recruiting agency.

This article will provide information on foreign recruitment agencies in Germany. This will primarily concentrate on top German recruitment agencies for English speakers and other nationals. We’ll also explain how may a foreigner find a job in Germany.

Recruitment Agencies in Germany for Foreigners 2023
Recruitment Agencies in Germany for Foreigners 2023

What is a Recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is an intermediate organization or body between job searchers and Employers, they’re external organizations that are paid by an employer to discover the right applicant for particular open positions in their company or organization.

These agencies assist employers in finding the best candidate for the role while also assisting job seekers in finding a job faster.

How can a foreigner get a job in Germany?

A foreigner can find work in Germany by following the steps outlined below.

  • Check your chances: You must assess your chances of finding work in Germany; are your skills/profession in high demand in Germany? Healthcare personnel (doctors and nurses, for example) have a better chance of finding work in Germany.
  • You need to get your qualifications recognized in Germany. It is essential that your home country’s vocational or educational qualifications be recognized in Germany.
  • Apply for jobs in any of Germany’s recruitment agencies for foreigners; this is the simplest approach to getting a job in Germany. You can also conduct a search on the federal Employment Agency
  • Create a program.
  • Request a visa for non-EU citizens.

Top recruitment Agencies in Germany for foreigners

 International Recruitment

IRC is headquartered in Munich. IRC is comprised of top professional staff who facilitate job searches. They also have a coaching academy that is divided into two major categories: coaching for private individuals and coaching for corporate customers.

Contact details

  • Address: Munich Germany, Lowengrube 1080333 Muchen 80333, DE
  • Phone Number: +498999018490
  • email:

Kelly service

Kelly Services has grown to become one of the best recruitment agencies in Germany and the world. The most unique thing about Kelly services is the categorization of jobs into the different sectors they fall into, their locations, and contract types.

It has different branches in different cities in Germany and you can find out more information on job specialization areas on its website.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 0403680700
  • email:

Stanton chase

This is one of the most popular international recruitment agencies. Stanton chase is located in several countries on different continents including Africa.

Contact details

  • Phone Number: +0049211954980
  • Address : Stanton Chase Düsseldorf GmbH
  • Emanuel-Leutze-Strasse 17
  • D 40547, Düsseldorf
  • Germany
  • Email:

Euro London

Euro London is an international employment firm and they have several sites in nations including London, Paris, and Frankfurt. Euro London lists various jobs available in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Scotland, and other Germanic nations.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +4989232395 80
  • Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easy to find a job in Germany as a foreigner?

    Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest economy in the world, so there are plenty of opportunities for foreigners with specialized talents, however informal employment is also readily available.

  • Which skill is in high demand in Germany in 2023?

    IT & Software Development.
    Design / UX / UI.
    Customer Support.
    HR & Recruiting.

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