Rare Online Casino Games to Explore 2023 | User Friendly Guide

The rapid expansion of the online casino market gives rise to many different online casino games. There are hundreds of casino games in different variations. Whether we are interested in poker, blackjack, roulette or you are interested in slots – the portfolio of casino games is growing rapidly. So, there were many options online and on mobile devices.

For example, you’ll find that if you’re interested in slots, there are tons of titles to choose from, from vintage retro fruity slots to modern ones based on popular TV shows, comic books, movies, and more. Everything is based on video slots. other options.

But what are the rare casino games that only a few are familiar with but offer the best customer experience? We will cover some lesser known, obscure casino games that are equally important to any casino player.


It is a Jewish spinning game that has been around since ancient times and is usually played on Hanukkah. For generations, the real prize was real money because the golden coins were called Hanukkah gelt.

Today it has become popular in land-based casinos, although few online casinos have this option. The dreidel is a four-sided rotating top, and Hebrew letters are written on each side. For example, Nun means miracle. If you get a null, you get nothing. You do not need to return your bet. Next, Shin is Sham, and if you roll Sham, you lose.

Gimel means gal, which translates to great. When Gemal spins, you win everything. Finally, he means modesty. You win half the prize. Dreidel is usually played with multiple players placing their bets before spinning the game.

21 Dual Blackjack

21 Duel Blackjack by Playtech is an online blackjack variant. It is based on blackjack principles, rules, and Texas Hold’em poker concepts. First, the basic objective remains the same as with classic blackjack. Your hand needs to be close to 21, but you don’t need to go above 21.

The main difference to the base of Texas Hold’em is that there are two additional cards, also known as community cards, and they are added to the original hand. In other words, the dealer has two cards. You have two cards and are playing with community cards. Another important difference is that one of the cards is dealt face up while the other is face down like the dealer’s hand.

In 21 Duel Blackjack, you have more options to make a winning combination because you can use community cards. Otherwise, one antibet and two upside bets are made from blackjack games. Casino players cannot split aces here. Doubling is prohibited, surrender is not an option. If you are looking for high-quality casino games that cover many advanced options, you can find them at the online casinos listed at

Jackpot Darts

Playtech is a well-known game studio with many years of experience in the iGaming market. Jackpot Darts is an innovative game of chance that accepts bets of up to $100. The game’s premise is simple – if you hit the bull’s eye thrice in a row, you can claim a progressive jackpot.

You can bet between a penny and $100 on the game. If you hit the bull’s eye in the darts game three times in a row, you win the progressive jackpot for the game. Even though this is essentially a darts game, you don’t need any experience or special skills. It functions similarly to online slots, and the outcomes are randomly generated.

You can choose from the following best – singles where you are aiming to hit 1, 2, or 3 single fields. Next, Doubles where you are aiming for the double sections on the outer ring. The treble bet includes betting the darts will hit the triple sections inside the board. Outer bull bets are bets aimed at the section outside of the bulls-eye, and lastly, the inner bull bet is essential for the bulls-eye.


In conclusion, the casino market is rapidly growing, and many new developers are creating innovative casino games. Since there is a decrease in the number of casino players, we expect the number of different games of chance to grow.

For example, we couldn’t have imagined that even split games would get their live-action version. Many game shows have also been included in the portfolio of casino games, so the future of casinos is bright. There are multiple opportunities as well as technological innovations that will create new and unique casino games.

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