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Pakistan Passport Fees Information 2023: How Much Does it Cost to Obtain or Renew

Pakistan Passport Fees Information 2023: If you are a Pakistani citizen seeking to renew or obtain a new passport in 2023, you may be interested in the fees associated with the process. Note the following essential information regarding the fees for Pakistani passports in 2023: Continue reading to learn more.

Pakistan passport fees 2023

The cost of procuring a passport in Pakistan can vary based on factors such as the type of passport, number of pages, validity period, and delivery method. It is important to note, however, that the fees for both new and renewal passports will remain the same in 2023.

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The latest Pakistan passport fees, according to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports Pakistan, are listed below for those who are curious about the exact cost. Please note that the prices listed below do not include a service fee of PKR 2,500.

Normal passport fees

A standard passport is a form of machine-readable passport that typically contains 36 pages. This form of passport may be valid for either five or ten years. The following fees apply to those interested in procuring a regular Pakistani passport:

5-year validity

  • 36 pages (normal): PKR 3,000
  • 72 pages (normal): PKR 5,500
  • 100 pages normal: PKR 6,000

10-year validity

  • 36 pages (normal): PKR 4,500
  • 72 pages (normal): PKR 8,250 100 pages normal: PKR 9,000

Urgent passport fees

The urgency passport is a machine-readable passport with 36 pages and a 5- or 10-year validity period. This passport type is issued more rapidly than standard passports but at a higher cost. The following fees apply if you are interested in obtaining an expedited Pakistani passport.

5-year validity

  • 36 pages normal: PKR 5,000
  • 72 pages normal: PKR 9,000 100 pages normal: PKR 12,000

10-year validity

  • 36 pages normal: PKR 7,500
  • 72 pages normal: PKR 13,500 100 pages normal: PKR 18,000

E-passport fees

The e-passport is a biometric passport with an embedded microchip containing the biometric and personal information of the bearer. This form of passport is considered more secure and convenient than machine-readable passports, as it provides additional features and advantages. Those interested in obtaining a Pakistani e-passport are subject to the following fees:

5-year validity

  • 36 pages (normal): PKR 9,000
  • 36 pages urgent: PKR 15,000
  • 72 pages (normal): PKR 16,500
  • 72 pages urgent: PKR 27,500

10-year validity

  • 36 pages (normal): PKR 13,500
  • 36 pages urgent: PKR 22,500
  • 72 pages (normal): PKR 24,700
  • 72 pages urgent: PKR 40,500

The e-passport service will be initially introduced in Islamabad and then progressively expanded to other cities in Pakistan. This service will be accessible both online and in designated passport offices, providing applicants with increased nationwide convenience and access.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a 2023 Executive passport cost?

    According to the revised fee notification, the standard fee for an e-passport with 36 pages and a 5-year validity is Rs 9,000, while the urgent charge is Rs 15,000. While the standard charge for an e-passport with 36 pages and a 10-year validity is Rs 13,500, the urgent fee is Rs 22,500.

  2. Which passport is the most expensive?

    In 2023, a 10-year passport will cost a staggering $202, making the Turkish passport, relative to the average national income, the most expensive passport (after the DRC, which is mentioned below). In the globalized world of the twenty-first century, passports are a necessity, as are the associated expenditures.

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