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Nanny Jobs In Japan 2023 – Apply Now


Nanny Jobs In Japan 2023: Japan is an Asian nation located in the eastern portion of the Asian continent, with Tokyo as its capital. Japan is an exporting nation that is mostly recognized for its tea production, flower arranging, arts, and design and is currently one of the leading producers of electrical products. The Yen is their currency. Japan’s population is largely comprised of company entrepreneurs and multinational electronic manufacturing corporations, thus they would require the assistance of a nanny due to their hectic schedules. Nanny positions in Japan are highly compensated and in high demand.

Details About Nanny Jobs In Japan 2023

A nanny is a person who is responsible for the care of children or the elderly, as the term suggests.

Nanny Jobs In Japan 2023 - Apply Now
Nanny Jobs In Japan 2023 – Apply Now

A nanny’s everyday activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • They are responsible for the care of the individual, which includes bathing, feeding, and ensuring their well-being.
  • When necessary, they administer medications to the patient under their care.
  • Clothing and appearance upkeep to ensure that individuals are always appropriately attired for the occasion or time.
  • Maintaining their firm.

They become the timekeeper for the person for whom they are accountable for time management.
Hygiene and safety measures for the individual they are responsible for.

Skill Set Needed

I would like to highlight a few skill sets that can facilitate your employment as a nanny.

  • As a nanny, it is essential to have the capacity to communicate effectively.
  • To be a nanny, you must have excellent interpersonal skills for interacting with a variety of people.
  • As a nanny, you must be able to manage other people’s time and be time careful, as the majority of your responsibilities are time-based.
  • To be successful as a nanny, you need a great degree of patience and tolerance to properly meet the needs of others.
  • You must be calm and personable to accomplish a substantial portion of the task.
  • Extremely organized: to succeed as a nanny, you must have a high level of calmness and organization.

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There are fundamental conditions for hiring a nanny in Japan, including the following:

  • A valid passport is a prerequisite for any foreigner seeking employment as a nanny in Japan. Before moving on to the next step, you must obtain your passport as soon as possible if you are a foreign national who has not yet done so.
  • Visa Application: In order to obtain the desired nanny position in Japan, you will need to apply for a visa so that the agency and proper authorities may sign your document and grant you a visa.
  • You need your authentic birth certificate in order to apply for the position of nanny. But, if you have lost the original copy of your birth certificate, you will require an affidavit from a certified legal institution indicating your true age and the circumstances behind the loss of your birth certificate.
  • Educational qualification papers: In order to apply for the nanny job, you need your highest level of education certificate. The good news is that for the nanny job, you do not need higher education qualifications; with your first school leaving certificate, you can apply for the nanny job and will likely be considered for the employment offer.
  • This remark does not imply that nannies are typically unskilled or ignorant; in Japan, for example, there is a great demand for highly educated nannies who are compensated according to their level of education and experience.
  • Bank statement: As a foreigner, you do not need a substantial quantity of money in your bank account to secure a position as a nanny in Japan.
  • The acceptable age range is between 18 and 65 years old, depending on the individual.

Disqualifiers for Employment

If you have committed a crime or have a history of committing a felony, you are likely to be rejected because no one wants to hire someone with such a record.
EX Convict: If you have been incarcerated for any criminal, life-threatening, or another case, your prospects of obtaining employment become nearly impossible or very small, since employers prefer to hire someone they can trust with their children.

Nanny compensation in Japan

In Japan, the average wage for a nanny is 224,000 JPY per month. Included in salaries ranging from 116,000 JPY (lowest) to 343,000 JPY (highest) are housing allowance, eating allowance, and health benefits.

Deadline: 2023-09-07

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Japanese nanny pay?

Salary Review
In Japan, a Nanny earns an average of JPY 3,004,462 per year and JPY 1,444 per hour. The typical Nanny income range is between JPY 2,283,391 and JPY 3,494,190 per year. On average, the highest degree of education for a Nanny is a High School Diploma.

What credentials do I need to become a nanny abroad?

You must have experience working with children, such as in daycare or babysitting. Some families seek international nannies who speak at least two languages and hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, early childhood education, or a comparable subject.


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