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MouthPad: The Revolutionary Tongue-Controlled Bluetooth Mouse That Lives Inside Your Mouth

The MouthPad is an innovative new technology that was developed by Augmental Technologies. It is a Bluetooth mouse that can be worn inside of a user’s mouth and is referred to as the MouthPad. It is a tongue-sensitive trackpad that has been intended to make it easier for paraplegics and other people with restricted movement to control their computers, cellphones, tablets, and other devices.

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How the MouthPad Works

The MouthPad is sensitive to the movements of the tongue and is positioned over the top of the user’s mouth so that it can detect tongue movement. The suck-in gesture is used to conduct a right-click, and the tongue press gesture is used to perform a left click. Users are able to operate their electronic gadgets incognito and without drawing attention to themselves thanks to the fact that the device is nearly undetectable from the outside world.

Benefits for Paraplegics

One of the most significant advantages of using a MouthPad is that it can make it simpler for paraplegics to use the electronic gadgets they use. Because of their limited mobility, many persons living with paralysis have difficulty using typical computer mice or touchpads. They are able to achieve increased levels of autonomy and productivity as a result of the MouthPad, which enables them to control their devices with their tongue.

Minimal Impact on Speech

Another important benefit of using the MouthPad is that it has very little of an effect on the user’s natural speech. This is vital for anyone who has to communicate with other people while using the device, but it is especially important for individuals who rely on voice recognition software to navigate their day-to-day life. Because the MouthPad is intended to have only a slight influence on speech, its users will still be able to carry on natural conversations despite the presence of the device in their mouths.

The Future of Accessibility Technology

The development of technology that increases accessibility has taken a significant leap forward thanks to the invention of the MouthPad. It offers a fresh approach for individuals with restricted mobility to communicate with their electronic gadgets and has the potential to help level the playing field for disabled individuals. People suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may find benefit from using the MouthPad in addition to the advantages it offers to paraplegics.

Joining the Waitlist

The MouthPad is now undergoing beta testing, and the website for Augmented Technologies allows interested parties to sign up for a waitlist there. The company is dedicated to developing user-friendly interfaces for people to use while interacting with computing systems, and the MouthPad is just one of the many cutting-edge technologies that they are currently developing.


The MouthPad is a game-changing new piece of technology that has the potential to completely transform the way in which individuals with restricted mobility engage with their electronic gadgets. Its tongue-sensitive trackpad enables users to control their gadgets inconspicuously and with minimal influence on their ability to communicate normally. Even though it is still in the beta testing phase, the MouthPad has already generated interest among those who have disabilities as well as advocates for accessibility technology. It is evident that Augmented Technologies is committed to making technology more accessible to people of all income levels and educational backgrounds as they continue to develop new products.

Who can benefit from using MouthPad?

The MouthPad was primarily designed to help paraplegics and others with limited mobility navigate their devices more easily. However, it could also be useful for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or ALS. Anyone looking for a discreet and innovative way to interact with their devices could benefit from using the MouthPad.

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