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Medical Laboratory Technician Jobs in USA 2023

Medical Laboratory Technician Jobs in USA 2023 If you possess all the necessary abilities and credentials, now may be the greatest moment to apply for a medical laboratory technician position in the United States.

In addition to the fact that these specialists are highly compensated in the United States of America, they also receive numerous incentives.

Numerous companies in the United States of America are searching to fill specific roles and are willing to sponsor skilled foreigners to come and fulfill these responsibilities.

Who is a Laboratory Medical Technician?

A medical laboratory technician, also known as a clinical laboratory technician, evaluates the health of human tissues and blood samples using laboratory equipment, tests, and procedures.

In clinical, diagnostic, and hospital laboratories, they work under the direction of physicians, laboratory technologists, and laboratory managers.

MLTs are also known as medical technologists, laboratory scientists, respiratory technologists, X-ray technologists, and pharmacy technologists.

Technologists hold bachelor’s degrees, while technicians carry diplomas, certificates, or associate degrees with two years of study. Technologists are often better educated, have more prospects for promotion, and make more money than technicians.

Employment Categories for Medical Laboratory Technicians

There is a variety of medical laboratory technician employment available in the United States, depending on your qualifications.

Medical/Clinical Lab Technician

Lab technicians, or MLTs, operate with integrated systems and conduct mechanical or diagnostic testing in clinical laboratories. Some MLTs prefer to operate solo, but others prefer to be a part of bigger professional teams. The annual incomes of these technicians range between $51,681 and $62,971 on average.

Cytotechnology Technician

A cytogenetic technician is an MLT who investigates the genetic components of cells. As a cytogenetic technician, you will examine chromosomes and other genetic material. Also, you will retain thorough notes on each sample.

This involves ensuring that each sample is associated with the appropriate patient. In general, you will analyze cells at the microscopic level for indications of abnormalities or disease.

Work is performed in a medical facility or research institution under the supervision of a lab manager as part of a cytogenetic team. The typical yearly pay for professionals in this field ranges between $68,900 and $83,735.


Histotechnicians are experts who investigate the structural and functional relationships between the minute structures of biological materials. This field includes the study of how biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology interact with disease processes.

Like with other MLT specialties, you will examine and analyze samples and submit results to researchers, doctors, and scientists. These technicians have typical annual incomes between $53,024 and $65,024.

Pathologist Helper

The primary function of a PA is to aid a pathologist in the preparation and diagnosis of tissue, blood, and other laboratory specimens. Depending on your work setting, you may potentially examine corpses to identify the cause of death as a PA.

Possible activities include collecting and dissecting postmortem specimens, performing various tests on samples, capturing diagnostic photographs, and recording your results. On occasion, certain PAs may be required to teach colleagues or assist with autopsies, which demands social interaction.

The majority of responsibilities, however, are laboratory-based and can be accomplished alone. The annual salary range for these specialists is between $61,598 and $109,304 on average.

Nuclear Medicine Engineer

A nuclear medicine technologist conducts imaging tests that aid physicians in the detection of anomalies within the body. The administration of small amounts of radioactive compounds to patients, followed by the recording of images of organs and other body sections where the substances have localized, using specialist imaging equipment.

As a nuclear medicine technician, you will interact with patients as you explain procedures to them. Inspecting equipment and maybe administering radiopharmaceutical material, which is delivered orally, intravenously, and inhalational, are additional duties.

The annual salary of these specialists ranges between $86,000 and $89,000 on average.

Anesthesia Professional

If you appreciate working with machines and being part of a care team with indirect patient responsibility, a job as an anesthetic technician may be right for you. This group’s typical annual wage ranges from $43,000 to $53,000.

Work Qualifications and Abilities for Medical Laboratory Technician
To become a Medical Laboratory Technician, the following abilities and qualifications are required:

  • Comprehension skills
  • Sensitivity to details
  • Skills in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Active Hearing
  • Superior Physical Vitality
  • A secondary school diploma
  • Secondary education and beyond
  • A state licenses

Professional organization certifications.

Bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory technology or science.
Responsibilities and Tasks of Medical Laboratory Technicians
MLTs conduct laboratory tests and procedures, including microscopic, bacterial, hematological, immunologic, and chemical diagnostic tests and analyses on tissue, blood, urine, feces, synovial fluid, and sperm samples.

With reliable and quick laboratory testing, they search for crucial indicators of the absence, presence, and course of the disease.

The test results collected by technicians are used by physicians and other professionals to formulate appropriate diagnoses and treatment regimens.

  • transmitting test results to physicians.
  • Maintaining precise records of test results.
  • Collecting, preparing, and storing specimens.
  • Patients’ descriptions of examination methods.
  • Reviewing and approving samples acquired by other experts.
  • Assure optimal integrity, quantity, and type of test samples.
  • Creating standard test solutions and laboratory reagents
  • Maintaining a clean and secure workplace
  • Standardization of testing techniques to guarantee consistency, dependability, and usability of results
  • Equipment calibration, the formulation of standard operating procedures, and the identification of appropriate test reference ranges.
  • Utilizing automated technology and digital laboratory tools to simultaneously perform several tests.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Career Advantages
  • Typically, these professionals receive the following benefits:
  • Visa Sponsorship 401(k) matching
  • Medical savings account
  • paid vacation time
  • Parental leave
  • Plan for employee stock buying
  • Accounts with a range of investment options

How to Apply for Medical Laboratory Technician Job in USA

In this section, we will explain how to apply for a position as a Medical Laboratory Technician with visa sponsorship:

  • Check out websites like LinkedIn or Indeed. If you do not already have a platform account, you should create one by filling out the form with your personal information.
  • Use the search bar to find a job by entering the job title and desired area.
  • Choose the desired job and location from the presented list.
  • Read the job description to determine if you meet the requirements for the position.
  • The “Apply” button is located to the right.
  • Submit a typical curriculum vitae and cover letter that will be appreciated by U.S. companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an MLT laboratory technician earn in the United States?

As of February 27, 2023, the average Medical Laboratory Technologist pay in the United States is $57,701, with a normal range between $51,701 and $63,001.

Is Medtech in demand in USA?

There are insufficient MT/MS Training Programs to Satisfy Need.
Forbes reports that the United States is experiencing a shortage of approximately 20,000 to 25,000 medical technologists.

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