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Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023

Jobs in Romania for English speakers: There are numerous opportunities for English speakers, including positions in customer service, information technology, finance, and sales. There are many international companies functioning in Romania, and they frequently require staff who can communicate in English.

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Furthermore, the demand for English teachers is growing in Romania, as the ability to communicate in English is valued in the workplace. You can apply for employment in Romania if you are a native English speaker or if you speak English extremely well. There are plenty of other professions accessible for English speaking that we have not covered.

In this essay, we will explain how to apply for jobs as an English speaker in Romania. Some of our visitors asked us to write about how to apply for English-speaking employment in Romania. That is why I wrote this post today to assist people who are looking for work in Romania but don’t know how to apply for employment in Romania or how to find jobs in Romania in 2023.

Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023
Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023

Details of Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023

  • Job Title: English Speakers
  • Job Country: Romania
  • experience required: English
  • Language requirements: Romanian and English
  • Salary: 650 EUR Per month
  • Working hours: 8 Hours/5 days

Who can Apply?

In principle, anyone who speaks English fluently and meets the prerequisites for a specific job can apply for employment openings in Romania. Employers may require a certain amount of education, work experience, or certain talents depending on the employment.

Some occupations may also require applicants to have legal working authorization in Romania. We have provided links to websites where you can apply for jobs in Romania as a foreigner and read more about your eligibility. We have included some basic information on who can apply for jobs in Romania.

Average Salary

In Romania, the average wage for English speakers ranges between 480 and 650 EUR. Salary ranges vary depending on the type of work you do and your level of expertise.


Every firm offers different advantages to their employees, but there are several that practically every company in Romania offers.

  • Paid vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Social security
  • Health insurance

List Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023

Customer Service Representative

Many multinational corporations have customer service centers in Romania, and they frequently require personnel who can communicate in English.

IT Professional

Many firms in Romania are looking for English-speaking employees with experience in fields such as software development, network engineering, and data analysis.

Finance and Accounting

English speakers in Romania can find jobs in finance and accounting, including employment in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis.


Sales personnel that speak English are in high demand in Romania, particularly in the technology, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.

English Teacher

In Romania, there is a growing demand for English teachers, and many schools and language institutions are looking for qualified English speakers to teach pupils of all ages.


 The ability to speak English and Romanian fluently is in high demand for interpreting and translating documents and interpreting during meetings.

Digital Marketing

 English-speaking professionals with experience in digital marketing and social media management are in high demand in Romania as many companies want to expand their online presence.

Project Managers

English-speaking project managers with experience in various industries, such as IT, construction, or engineering, can find job opportunities in Romania.

How To Apply for Jobs in Romania for English Speakers 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there work in Romania for foreigners?

    Foreigners who want to work in Romania must have a valid work permit. Although EU and EEA nationals are excluded, they must still apply for a residence permit. Work permits are normally tied to a specific work, and the employer will handle all of the application procedures.

  • Is it easy to work in Romania?

    Romania, with its friendly, humorous people and low cost of living, is an excellent place to begin your work abroad adventure. You can also go to other European nations from here. Their company culture will shape you in a positive and courteous manner where you will learn proper business manners.

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