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Jobs In Japan For Pakistani 2023 – Apply Here


Jobs In Japan For Pakistani 2023 There are jobs available for Pakistanis in Japan, the majority of which will be listed in this article so that you may simply apply.

As a result of the Covid-19 influence on several job sectors, the governments of Japan and Pakistan have been working together to recruit Pakistani workers for Japan.

Before Pakistanis can migrate and work in Japan, however, they must meet certain standards and fall into specific categories.

Job Description

It is very recommended that Pakistanis who wish to relocate and work in Japan have a command of the Japanese language.

Pakistanis can find employment in Japan in the electrical and electronic information industries, the construction industry, the shipbuilding and ship machinery industry, automobile repair and maintenance, the aviation industry, the hospitality industry, agriculture and fisheries, and the food industry.


If you are a Pakistani seeking employment in Japan, all you need to do is determine which category and company you will apply to if you meet all the required standards.


How To Get Employment In Japan As A Pakistani

There are essentially three categories for Pakistanis seeking employment in Japan:

Technical Intern Training – The purpose of this program is to transfer technical skills, techniques, and knowledge to foreign countries, including Pakistan, through an “On the Job Training (OJT)” experience in Japan in order to contribute to the human resource development caused by the economic growth of those nations.
Specified Skilled Worker – The Japanese government has introduced a new resident status for “Specified Skilled Workers” in response to a significant labor shortage caused by the country’s aging population.
Other categories – This category encompasses a wide range of fields, including engineering/Specialist in Humanities/International Services/IT. It is permissible for Pakistanis with a contract with a public/private body in Japan to have a higher level of knowledge, techniques, academic background, or work history.

Available Positions for Pakistanis in Japan

A recruitment agency provides a variety of jobs for foreigners (Pakistanis) throughout Japan, including Waiter/Waitress, Dish Washer, Kitchen Server, Cleaner, Construction, Factory, Caregiver, Delivery, Farming, Fishery, Hotel Receptionist, Office Admin, Call Center, Translator, English Teacher, Tour Guide, etc.

Some available positions include:

1. The construction of (Construction assistant)

A male construction assistant is required to conduct a variety of administrative and support duties for a construction company’s supervisors.

The clerical activities include filing and answering phone calls, maintaining an inventory of the company’s tools and supplies, and following up with clients and vendors.

Hourly wage – 1,250 to 2,000

Location – Kokubunji Sta (Tokyo)

2. Housekeeping Service (Building Cleaner)

Cleans floors and rooms through dust mopping, moist mopping, and sweeping, among other methods (A female is preferred). You will be responsible for cleaning residential and commercial properties.

Hourly wage – 1,100 – 1,200

Position – Ichigaya Station (Tokyo)

3. Factory Employees

Kuramae Sta. (Tokyo) is in need of factory workers that conduct a variety of factory-related tasks and gather raw materials for processing (A female is preferred).

Hourly Wage – 1,050 – 1,100

4. Restaurant (Waiter/ Waitress)

Waiters and waitresses are required in Japan for greeting and serving clients, delivering extensive menu information, and juggling multiple front-of-house responsibilities.

They would love to hear from you if you can perform successfully in high-pressure situations. Requirements: Female & Male preferable

Hourly wage – 1,100 – 1,500

Yodoyabashi Station’s Location (Osaka)

5. Business (Sales)

The obligations consist of;

Demonstrate, advertise, and sell items or services to existing and potential customers using persuasive arguments.
To address the demands of existing/potential customers, conduct a cost-benefit and needs analysis.
Develop, cultivate, and uphold positive company and consumer connections.
Hourly wage – 1,200 – 1,500

Location – Gotanda Sta (Tokyo)

Average Wage Of Pakistani Employees In Japan

The average hourly wage for a Pakistani worker in Japan is approximately 1,148 yen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get from Pakistan to Japan to work?

Requesting a Japan Work Visa
Contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate closest to you…
Gather the necessary documentation for a Japan Work Visa.
Submit the application for a Japan Work Visa either directly to the Embassy/Consulate or through a travel agency or visa application agency.
Get the visa.

What is the average pay in Japan?

What is the median wage in Japan? The solution is fairly straightforward. According to Doda, the average annual wage in Japan in 2021 will be 4.530 million yen or 41,000 dollars. The lengthy response, however, is far more involved.


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