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HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023 – Apply Now


HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023 HTV Driver Jobs in Romania is one of the greatest occupations/job titles for unskilled or manual laborers in Romania. According to European job, heavy vehicle, truck, and lorry drivers are among Romania’s ten most in-demand jobs. Freight handlers/Dispatchers/Delivery drivers are also among the top 10 in-demand occupations.

According to, Europe has lacked truck drivers for quite some time, but the pandemic has pushed these figures to crisis proportions. As a result of the delayed shipments and diminished overland transport capability, all supply chains in Europe (at both the local and continental levels) are limited.

All of these statistics demonstrate the employment possibilities for HTV drivers in Romania. Therefore, it is advertising many advantageous driving positions (HTV drivers, Truck drivers, Delivery drivers, Food delivery drivers, Personal drivers, and Chauffers) through globally active Overseas Employment Promoter Corporations, particularly in under-developed African and Asian nations where there is a large labor force available at affordable wages.

This position is such a chance for a foreign candidate such as yourself! HTV Driver Jobs in Romania (2023) with Visa Sponsorship are a fantastic option for those with limited education who wish to reside in European nations. Fortunately, there are numerous bonuses and rewards in lieu of formal and stringent job criteria. Let’s dig deeper:

Details of HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023

  • HTV Drivers are their job title
  • Location: Romania
  • No minimum knowledge is necessary
  • Minimum years of experience: two
  • Salary Package: 650-750 USD
  • 20 million placements
  • Method of employment selection:
  • Complimentary meals: Yes
  • Sure, free lodgings are available
  • Yes, free transportation
  • Free Health Care:
  • Type of Work: Full-time
  • 8 hours each day over 26 days

Requirements of HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023

According to the online job advertisement, the following are some of the primary employment requirements:

  • Minimum of two years of experience operating heavy vehicles.
  • GCC or national heavy vehicle license issued no earlier than 2009.
  • Must read, write, and speak English at a fundamental level. Basic competency in Speaking Romanian would help you perform effectively in this position and locate additional employment opportunities.
  • Any visa paperwork specified by the organization

Benefits of HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023

  • There is no minimum education requirement; anyone with a primary or master’s degree can apply.
  • Opportunity for a permanent job for qualified people.
  • Europe offers endless residency opportunities.
  • No contract.
  • Complimentary food is provided.
  • Complimentary room and board.
  • Complimentary transportation is provided.
  • The employer reimburses every medical expense.
  • There are no interview fees.
  • All rights and privileges are outlined in the EU Employment Law.

How to Apply for HTV Driver Jobs In Romania Visa Sponsorship 2023?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a truck driver in Romania?

RON 9,300. The projected total compensation for a Truck Driver in Romania is RON 9,300 per month, with an average wage of RON 3,300 per month. These figures indicate the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges derived using our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and user-collected salary data.

What is the average salary of a cab driver in Romania?

In Romania, the average salary for a taxi driver is 39,374 lei per year or 19 lei per hour. Between RON 30,003 to RON 45,753 is the average income range for taxi drivers. Taxi drivers have, on average, a High School Diploma as their greatest degree of education.


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