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Germany VISA Types Application Process 2023 – Apply Now

Germany VISA Types Application Process 2023: After reading my earlier German job seeker visa article you must be wondering about the details of other German VISA types available in 2023 for taking entry on German land for different purposes. Well here’s a breakdown of all the categories of German visas introduced by the German Immigration department for all purposes.

Let’s start by knowing which German VISA type you would need for your specific purpose of visiting Germany in 2023. So, the very first thing you need to do while planning a visit to Germany is about finding out the purpose of your visit to Germany so that you can choose and apply for the right German VISA type. When you’re clear on that, you can choose from two kinds of entry options available which are  German short stay visas and German long stay visas

List of Germany’s Short Stay VISA’s in 2023:

Short Term VISA is a type of German visa subdivided into four different categories available for those visitors interested to stay in Germany for a short time for the purpose of either doing business, attending a conference, sightseeing or apply for admission to a German language course. You can also avail of this German visa if you have a cultural/film/sport or religious event to attend in Germany or if you are simply visiting your spouse or a relative. So now as we now know what this short term VISA is available for in Germany so let’s jump into the details of its sub-categories which are being issued by the German government in 2023:

1# Tourist VISA for Germany:

If your purpose to visit Germany is to get amused by tourism activities for a shorter period of time then all you need is a German Tourism VISA which is specifically available to passionate international tourists interested to explore German scenic spots, culture, and history. Tourism VISA for Germany is also known as Schengen Tourist Pass which is actually valid for a period of up to 90 days from the day of the arrival of tourists in Germany.

2# Business VISA for Germany:

You can visit Germany on short term business VISA as well for attending your business meetings, conferences, visit to factories, or negotiation purposes. Or in case you own a business and are looking to expand it to the world’s fourth largest economy then you would need a German business visa to enter the country which will give you the green light to conduct all sorts of business-related meetings or contracts in Germany with ease.

3# Airport transit VISA for Germany:

If your flight itinerary mentions a layover at a German airport then you might need to apply for an Airport transit visa which is used for staying in Germany for a short period of time before taking the next flight out of Germany toward the destination. This German Transit visa is valid for 24 hours only and is mostly obtained at the international transit area of any international German airport.

4# German Family Reunion or Spouse VISA:

Germany Family Reunion VISA is issued for non European citizens whose relatives are residing in Germany in order to provide them a facility to reunite with their loved ones. There is an application fee of €75 to apply for a German family reunion VISA whereas it might take up to 3 months time for processing this VISA type.

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List of Germany’s Long Stay VISA’s in 2023:

Now i am going to talk about long term German Visas available to people interested to either study in German universities or institutions or are seeking employment opportunities in Germany. These long term German visas can also be obtained by individuals who require any sort of medical treatment in Germany or have a partner or for the purpose of reuniting family members living there for a long duration.

Therefore, i compiled a list of long term visas issued by the German republic which can help you decide what kind of entry options you need according to your requirement.

Germany VISA Types Application Process 2023
Germany VISA Types Application Process 2023

1# German Study VISA:

International students interested to study in Germany for free on a German fully-funded Scholarship would require a Long Term Study VISA for Germany. International students can live in Germany on a study VISA for up to six months whereas the minimum duration is set to 3 months and the application fee for a Germany Student VISA is €75. Students from Iceland, Norway, Other EU Regions, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland are exempted from the requirement of a German Study VISA.

2# German Work Permit:

I recommend my readers to apply for a Work VISA for Germany if your projected stay in Germany would be close to two years for the purpose of living there for employment, freelancing, self-employment, job seeking, or availing a working holiday. German Work VISA holders after upon completion of their duration of stay can apply for a work VISA extension or may consider applying for an EU Blue Card and upon holding it for another 33 months they can apply for German Residence Permits. I know what you might be thinking about how much it cost to submit an application for a German Work VISA so the answer to that is €75 only.

3# German Visa for Medical Treatment:

A Medical Treatment VISA for Germany is an entry pass for non-EU patients to enter Germany for the purpose of acquiring medical treatment from any German hospital for any disease subject to the affordability proof of the VISA applicant.

Germany is known to have one of the world’s best Healthcare systems in the world with a large number of international patients looking to seek medical attention from German hospitals. In order to avail of these facilities for under a 3 month time period, you can apply for a Schengen medical visa but if your treatment plan requires you to stay for more than 3 months, then you would need a National medical visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the rate of approval for a German student visa in 2023?

    Student Visa Success Rate in Germany
    According to our research conducted in 2022, the success rate for German student visas is approximately 95%. In other words, approximately 95 out of 100 student visa applications for Germany are approved.

  2. What categories of visas are available for Germany?

    Visiting Germany? You can apply for either a short-term “Schengen visa” or a long-term “German national visa” for stays exceeding 90 days, depending on the purpose and duration of your stay in Germany. To determine which documents you must prepare, please consult the section that corresponds to your visa category.

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