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Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway 2023 – Apply Now

Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway 2023: Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway is a fantastic way to participate in agricultural activities seasonally while earning a respectable wage.
You may stay in Norway, make money, meet people from all over the world, get active, have fun, make memories, and save money by harvesting fruit.

Fruit pickers must be in good general health and have enough strength to harvest, sort, and gather fruit without becoming fatigued.
Strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, and endurance are the most important employment needs. Entry-level fruit pickers, farmhands, vegetable pickers, and migrant laborers are needed to fill Norway’s agricultural occupations.
Wheat, barley, oats, and potatoes are among the principal crops grown in Norway’s vast and arable areas.

Details About Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway 2023

Picking and harvesting employment can be found all around the country. A picker is someone who removes and collects fruit from trees and bushes.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway 2023
Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway 2023

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Personal Specifications for a Fruit Picker

  • Take pleasure in doing practical tasks.
  • Free of skin conditions and agricultural chemical sensitivities
  • Capable of dealing with the physical demands of the job Capable of working at heights
  • Capable of working fast and consistently for extended periods of time
  • Willingness to work outside in any weather condition
  • Able to travel from property to property picking fruit and Able to perform physical and sometimes heavy labor Reliable and driven.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Norway are now available.

Vestre Frogner farm is a hidden treasure in Baerum. It is strategically placed and is one of Brum’s oldest farms. The land has been in the family for many generations and was purchased in 1875.

Hans Kristian Frogner, the farmer, and his wife Jorunn Merethe Frogner live on the property. Other family members also live on the farm.

Hans Kristian Frogner, the company’s owner and manager, is joined by many sellers and pickers. There used to be full-fledged animal farming, but today they only focus on grain, wood, self-picking, and the sale of berries and fruits.

Raspberries are the major focus, although they also sell apples, pears, cherries, plums, gooseberries, currants, and blackcurrants. This has been done by the farm for many years, and it currently boasts nearly 7 kilometers of raspberry bushes.

Berries are available from roughly mid-July until the end of August, and apples can be plucked until October. They are looking for assistance in preparation for the upcoming season.

Fruit and vegetable picker Duties and Tasks

Fruit and vegetable pickers may be assigned to the following jobs:

  • Pick fruit and vegetables based on size and ripeness, and discard rotten or overripe products.
  • Harvest nuts and fruit with agricultural machines.
  • Load chosen fruit into containers, being careful not to harm it.
  • Deliver fruit to the packing shed using tractors or other vehicles.
  • Produce should be sorted and packed.
  • Load product boxes into trucks using forklifts.
  • Send your curriculum vitae to

Fruit Pickers’ Wages in Norway

For fruit-picking jobs in Norway, expect to earn an average of 21,584 NOK (2,478.78 USD) per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most in-demand jobs in Norway?

Agriculture, building and construction, engineering, healthcare and nursing, information technology, teaching, tourism, and retail are all in short supply.

How do I find work in Norway?

The bulk of job openings in Norway is advertised on the Internet. All job openings in Norway are listed in the NAV job database ( The majority of the job postings are in Norwegian, however, you can locate a few in English by using the pre-defined search.

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