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Factory Jobs In Canada Visa Sponsorship 2023


Factory Jobs In Canada Visa Sponsorship 2023 Give information on where to discover Canadian factory jobs that may offer visa sponsorship in 2023. Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor are fantastic places for seeking factory employment in Canada that may give sponsorship for a visa.

Obtaining a work visa in Canada requires specific credentials and compliance with government criteria. LinkedIn and Glassdoor are fantastic resources for seeking Canadian factory employment that may sponsor visas. Also, it is recommended to study the websites of prospective companies, since they may provide information on their visa-sponsoring rules.

Several Canadian companies may sponsor work visas for international blue-collar workers. Bombardier, Magna International, and Linamar Corporation are examples of companies that support work visas for manufacturing jobs in Canada. Several Canadian manufacturers require trained laborers and may sponsor work visas for foreign immigrants to fill these positions.

Details of Factory Jobs In Canada Visa Sponsorship 2023

  • Employer Name:  Manufacturing companies in Canada
  • Position:  Factory Jobs In Canada with Visa Sponsorship For Foreigner Workers
  • No of Vacancies: 100+
  • Salary: $25 hourly for 40 hours per week
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Permanent Employment
  • Location: Toronto, Quebec, British Columbia
  • Shifts: Day, Night, and Weekend
  • Categories: Manufacturing companies in Canada
  • Work setting: Product Manufacturing Company
  • Country: Canada
S.N.Job TitleLocation
1Factory HelperCanada
2Factory LabourerCanada
3Packaging WorkerCanada
4Manufacturing Workers and LabourersCanada
5Elemental WorkerCanada
6General LabourerCanada
7Food and Beverage Production WorkerCanada
8Plastic Composite WorkerCanada
9Construction Worker/LabourerCanada
10Textile Factory WorkerCanada
11Meat Processing WorkerCanada
12Warehouse WorkerCanada
13Biscuit Factory HelperCanada
14Chocolate Factory HelperCanada
15Cheese factory workerCanada
16Food Processing WorkerCanada
17Labourer, general – manufacturingCanada
18General LabourCanada
19Plastic Manufactory Factory LabourCanada
20Factory labourer – manufacturingCanada
21Helper, factoryCanada
22Cheese factory workerCanada

Manufacturing unit Worker’s Job Place and Duties:

  • Each day, access vehicles, load and unload supplies, and load goods.
  • Raw materials must be added to the assembly line. Canada’s manufacturing jobs offer visa sponsorship at no cost.
  • Examine the finished products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.
  • Focus on the setup and comment thread.
  • In addition to manipulating portable digital devices, deal with.
  • You have a pallet jack that can also transport large goods.

Annual Wages of Canadian Manufacturing Staff

Manufacturing staff and labourers are payed differently depending on the business. The wage is determined by the type of labour, shift, problem, and danger involved. Yet, the average revenue generated by Canadian industrial service providers is as follows:

Hourly FeeC$12 – C$24
BonusC$500 – C$1,650 Yearly
Revenue-SharingC$0 – C$400
Complete Annual PayoutC$24,484 – C$50,860 Yearly

The following is a tip for hourly wages paid to ordinary production workers:

A mid-career Producer with 5 to 9 years of professional experience may earn an average hourly income of C$ 18.16 in Canada. Canada-producing initiatives and immigration assistance at no cost.


An entry-level Manufacturing Employee with less than one year of experience can typically expect to earn $14.60 per hour (along with services, rewards, as well as additionally paid-for to vanish). A Production Worker with one to four years of experience can anticipate an average hourly compensation of $14.91 Canadian.


What are the actual employee benefits for manufacturing employees in Canada?

Applicants who wish to get composing positions in Canada must adhere to the method advised by the production location. The treatment technique may be actually online, in this case, you must send an online application coming from their job site, or even you must provide a transcribed application through email. Canada produces projects with visa support at no cost.

The vast majority of items and also producing companies give their employees additional appealing and also really inexpensive perks. Here is a list of recurrent approaches for employee convenience: Canada-making chores and visa sponsorship at no cost.

The vast majority of manufacturing and product suppliers provide their employees with similarly enticing and very inexpensive supplementary benefits. The following is a list of typical employee convenience techniques: Canada-making tasks in addition to free visa support.

Get Canadian Manufacturing system Workers.

Applicants desiring to fill creating positions in Canada are required to adhere to the approach recommended by the production location. Using the internet’s collaboration and recruitment capabilities, numerous businesses in Canada collaborate and hire personnel.

Several companies in Canada collaborate with recruiters through the use of web-based capabilities. If you still have questions about working with manufacturing plant labourers in Canada in addition to the available project roles, please leave a comment in the space provided below. Canada making projects and providing visa sponsors at no cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a factory worker in Canada?

Canada: Five Steps in Applying for a Manufacturing Worker Job
Register online. Visit the IPAMS website, specifically the page for job seekers…
Make that you have a PEOS ID…
Application evaluation by the agency…
Receiving notifications from recruiters….
Interview and offer of employment.

How can I obtain employment sponsorship in Canada?

Can my employer sponsor my Canadian employment? Employers in Canada do not “sponsor” applicants to work in the country, but they can help introduce foreign workers by obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or submitting an electronic job offer (LMIA exempted categories).


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