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Cleaning Jobs in UK 2023 – Apply Now

Cleaning Jobs in UK 2023: Cleaning jobs in the United Kingdom are among those that offer relatively flexible working hours and pay rather well in comparison to other third-world countries. If you intend to work in the United Kingdom under a temporary visa, the greatest employment for you would be cleaning.
This article will examine what it takes to obtain cleaning employment in the United Kingdom, including the prerequisites and wage expectations.

Details About Cleaning Jobs in UK 2023

Needs for Cleaning Jobs in the United Kingdom

Cleaning Jobs in UK 2023
Cleaning Jobs in UK 2023

Before a potential employer can offer you a cleaning job in the United Kingdom, you would need to meet certain qualifications.

Even for firms who are ready to provide visa sponsorships, these restrictions tend to be tighter.

Such needs are:

  • You must be eligible to enter the United Kingdom: When submitting a job application, you must confirm your eligibility to travel. Several persons and countries have been prohibited from applying for jobs in specific nations. Check the eligibility status of your country on any UK Government website.
  • No criminal records
  • Must possess a high school diploma or the British equivalent
  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • Must be eligible for UK visas

Cleaning Jobs in the United Kingdom and Their Pay

Following are the top 10 cleaning jobs available to immigrants in the United Kingdom, together with their expected salaries.


Housekeeping jobs are one of the most in-demand positions for cleaners in the United Kingdom. There is a demand for full-time and part-time room cleaners in the United Kingdom.

You make an average hourly wage of £12.20. And if you worked four hours every day, you might earn between £48 and £50 per day.

Depending on your work schedule and customers, you could earn approximately £1,450 per month.

Hotel Room Attendant

These occupational groups consist of individuals who clean hotel rooms. They are employed by the hotel and receive either a monthly or hourly wage.

Depending on the number of hotels in a certain region or city, you could earn a respectable wage as a hotel room attendant.

Your typical hourly wage is between £10 and £40. Yet, this depends on the type of hotel for which you work.

Your average monthly income should range between $1,500 and $3,500.

Office Detergent

Office cleaners are cleaners who work in offices to maintain cleanliness and order. You would be expected to work part-time as they typically do not need your services for the entire day.

Office cleaners earn an average of £11.05 per hour and around £1,350 per month. This position requires prior experience in cleaning.

Housekeeping Supervisor

As a housekeeping supervisor, you would be responsible for overseeing the cleaning staff as they do their jobs.

To be qualified for this position, you must have at least three to four years of experience in the relevant field.

You might anticipate an annual income between £25,000 and £30,000. Depending on your degree of experience, this could be increased.

Cleaning Technician

As an employee in this industry, you would be responsible for cleaning the home or business. This position offers numerous rewards.

You might anticipate an hourly pay between £10 and £13. Working a four-hour job, you can earn approximately £52 per day and £1,560 per month.

Businesses in the United Kingdom that hire foreigners for this position expect you to have relevant work experience.

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Spa Attendant

You would be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the changing rooms, cleaning people’s sandals, and cleaning spa equipment once a spa specialist has used it.

Also, you would be responsible for receiving and transporting linens to and from the laundry facility. The average salary of a spa attendant is £22,300 per year.

Domestic Cleaner

Domestic cleaners perform all types of cleaning, including commercial cleaning, routine residential cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, and pre-tenancy cleaning, among others.

While your services are required solely on an as-needed basis, you would primarily work part-time. Expect to earn between £10 and £12 per hour.

This should result in approximately $1,440 each month. Businesses such as Elle and Kays Ltd. are presently hiring for this position.

Maintenance Assistant

This position demands full-time employment. You would be responsible for preserving the integrity of residential, office, and warehouse appliances.

You would be expected to report any problems or complaints pertaining to a specific piece of equipment. With this position, you might make between £25,000 and $27,000 annually.

In the United Kingdom, maintenance assistant is one of the most in-demand cleaning occupations.

Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor

The Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor oversees hotel cleaners as they execute their jobs. This is a part-time position that pays approximately £12 per hour on average.

Between £1,450 and £1,550 a month could be expected as a salary.

Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, you may or may not be expected to clean the office or surrounding area, but you would be required to undertake basic cleaning tasks as specified by your boss.

This is a full-time position that pays between £1,500 and £2,000 per month on average. Visit this website for instructions on how to apply for this position.

How to Apply

Verify your eligibility to work in the United Kingdom before to applying for cleaning employment there. You can apply for a work visa after you have applied and been offered the job. After satisfying all requirements, you would be granted a work visa to work in the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for a cleaner United Kingdom?

You may seek employment with cleaning businesses or any organization that hires its own cleaners. There are no entry criteria, but you must demonstrate to employers that you are dependable and qualified for the position. Particularly if you’re seeking specialized cleaning employment, the experience can be beneficial.

What do London’s cleaners earn?

In London, the average income for Cleaning jobs is £22,493. Find out how much Cleaning jobs in London pay across industries and in comparison to other places in the United Kingdom. There are 224 positions that pay more than the average Cleaning wage!

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