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Canada Jobs for General Laborers 2023 – Apply Now

Canada Jobs for General Laborers 2023: Are you looking for a challenging, well-paying profession? Are you a hard-working individual who appreciates manual labor? You have reached the correct location!

General laborers are accountable for a variety of supporting responsibilities in settings such as construction sites, warehouses, and other environments (e.g., factories). According to this description of a general laborer, the relevant employees may contribute considerably to the construction of roads, buildings, and other structures. In addition, they may be responsible for transporting supplies and equipment.

What is a Laborer’s Job Description?

Canada Jobs for General Laborers 2023
Canada Jobs for General Laborers 2023

The tasks required of general laborers vary according to their work environment and their level of specialization. Typically, they are employed in the construction industry, where they assist with the assemblage of scaffolding, the cleansing of work sites, and the assistance of specialists such as painters and electricians.

General laborers are occasionally required to perform dangerous tasks, such as working with chemicals or scrubbing lead paint from structures. Under certain conditions, you may be required to organize training courses on how to safely work with potentially hazardous products.

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A General Laborer is responsible for a variety of duties, including clearing construction sites of debris and machinery, assisting in the assembly of scaffolding and ladders, and moving and handling items (e.g. cement). There are typically no educational prerequisites for general laborers; however, it is common for unions or contractors to offer formal or informal apprenticeship programs. General laborers must also possess stamina, the ability to follow instructions, and a dedication to maintaining a secure work environment.


  • for removing potentially hazardous or obsolete materials from work locations
  • Assisting welders, carpenters, painters, and other artisans on-site.
  • Transporting and manipulating materials (like cement) and machinery (like drills and grinders).
  • When necessary, utilize electrical tools and apparatus (such as forklifts).
  • Following supervisors’ instructions to perform manual labor tasks (such as digging or piling products), for example.
  • Install warning signs (such as signposts and cones) for the benefit of both motorists and pedestrians.
  • Assist with the erection and disassembly of temporary structures (such as scaffolding); report immediately any issues with the apparatus or unsafe working conditions.


  • Physical endurance (the ability to stand for extended periods, lift up to 40 pounds, etc.);
  • Eye-hand coordination;
  • Prior knowledge of power tools and apparatus is desired.
  • Fluency in the English language;
  • Capability to work in a team;
  • Respect for safety regulations.
  • Apprenticeship or specialized training is desirable but not required for this position.

Average Wage of a Common Laborer

The average hourly wage for a general laborer in Canada is $16.26, resulting in an average annual salary of $31,717. Beginning salaries for entry-level positions is $28,275 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $39,000 per year.

On what projects does a general laborer collaborate?

When accomplishing specialized tasks, general laborers frequently work with a small number of other public employees. They may collaborate on the construction site with Construction Workers or other specialists, depending on the nature of the project and the needs of the crew members.

How Do You Apply?

If you’re interested in working as a general laborer, visit any of the following websites:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a general Labourer do in Canada?

General Laborers are responsible for a variety of manual duties, including trench digging, unloading construction materials, and site preparation. While operating machinery, they use manual instruments such as shovels and picks to aid in their work and assist crews with other essential duties.

What is the Canadian NOC code for General Labor?

This implies that “general laborer – manufacturing” was transferred from the group Other laborers in processing, manufacturing, and utilities (NOC 9619) to the group Other laborers in processing, manufacturing, and utilities (NOC 95109).

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