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Beef cattle Worker Jobs In Canada 2023 Shelter Valley Land & Cattle, located at NW-18-10-20-W4, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4P4, is seeking self-motivated candidates with strong interpersonal skills for the role of Beef cattle herds person. The successful individual will be needed to begin work as soon as feasible. The postings pertaining to Permanent or Full-time work. There are day, evening, weekend, early morning, and morning shifts.

  • Name of the employer: Shelter Valley Land & Cattle Position: beef cattle herder
  • Four vacancies exist.
  • $16.50 per hour for 40 hours per week in compensation
  • Permanent employment with full-time hours
  • NW-18-10-20-W4, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4P4

Job Description

  • The candidate should do routine animal health checks.
  • The applicant must be capable of performing general farm activities.
  • The candidate must have the knowledge and skills to operate farm equipment and machinery.
  • The candidate would be accountable for keeping work logs and records.
  • The applicant will be responsible for feeding and caring for animals.
  • The applicant will be responsible for cleaning stables, barns, barnyards, and pens.
  • The candidate would be accountable for spotting illness and health issues in crops, livestock, and poultry.
  • The candidate will be expected to collaborate with large animal veterinarians to administer herd health management, veterinary care, and routine vaccines.
  • The candidate will be expected to consult with animal nutritionists and livestock feed sales personnel to develop feeding strategies that result in the highest levels of milk production.
  • The candidate will be responsible for identifying unwell animals and collaborating with a veterinarian to establish the most effective treatment.
  • The candidate will be needed to uphold good animal welfare standards.

Requirements of Beef cattle Worker Jobs In Canada 2023

  • The candidate should speak English fluently.
  • There are no typical educational prerequisites, such as a bachelor’s degree, certificate, or certification.
  • The ideal candidate should have at least one to two years of relevant job experience.
  • The candidate must be in good physical and mental health in order to complete all tasks rapidly, effectively, and efficiently.
  • The candidate must possess effective communication skills.
  • The applicant must be punctual.
  • The candidate must be adaptable.
  • The candidate must be responsible.
  • The applicant must be genuine.
  • The candidate must place a premium on values and ethics.
  • The candidate must be a strong team player with adequate interpersonal and evaluative skills.
  • The candidate should have experience managing pastures and feeding animals.
  • The ideal candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of animal care and superior animal-handling skills.
  • The candidate must be self-driven and have decision-making capabilities.
  • The individual must be enthusiastic and have a good outlook.
  • The candidate must possess exceptional time management and prioritization skills.
  • The candidate should possess great organizational and multitasking skills.
  • The candidate must be able to accept constructive criticism while maintaining composure and efficiency in high-pressure situations.
  • The applicant would be responsible for grooming farm animals.
  • The candidate would be responsible for maintaining an inventory of feed ingredients.

Equipment and Machine Know-How

  • The applicant must have expertise in running a tractor and feeding and watering system.
  • Workplace Conditions
  • The individual must be willing to labor outdoors for extended periods of time and tolerate insects and thorns.
  • The individual will be needed to work in situations that are wet or damp, dusty, hot, and cold.
  • The candidate must be able to maintain complete concentration even in noisy environments.
  • The individual will be needed to work in a highly odiferous environment.
  • Transportation and Travel Details
  • The applicant must possess a valid driver’s license.

Conditions de travail and Physical Capabilities

  • The individual must be able to operate well in a fast-paced, hectic setting.
  • The candidate must be capable of working under pressure.
  • The candidate should be frequently needed to complete repetitious activities.
  • The candidate should be detail-oriented.
  • The candidate must possess outstanding hand-eye coordination
  • The candidate must be prepared to perform physically demanding tasks as part of their everyday duties.
  • The candidate should be needed to routinely lift big objects as part of their duties.
  • The candidate should be willing to stand for extended periods of time.
  • The candidate must be willing to bend, crouch, and kneel for extended periods of time.
  • The candidate must be able to manage a heavy workload.
  • The candidate must complete the assignment within the allotted time frame.
  • Work Location Specifics
  • The applicants will be required to work in a rural setting.
  • There are accommodations available for the selected candidates.

Benefits of Beef cattle Worker Jobs In Canada 2023

The selected candidates will receive health insurance and long-term benefits.
The selected candidates will receive a Health care plan and Disability benefits under Health Benefits.
Group insurance benefits would be provided to the selected candidates under Long term benefits.

How to Apply for Beef cattle Worker Jobs In Canada 2023?

If you are interested in applying, apply through the given options.

By email




Lethbridge, AB
T1J 4P4 Between 09:30 AM and 07:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Canadian beef cattle farm workers earn?

$30,810 annually
How much does a laborer on a Canadian beef cattle farm earn? The average annual wage for beef cattle farm workers in Canada is $30,810, or $15.80 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $27,300 per year, while most experienced individuals earn up to $35,100 per year.

What employment prospects exist within the beef cattle industry?

The current beef industry panorama
To bring beef to the dinner table, food science, ranching, research, veterinary medicine, and animal science jobs are required. Office employment and executive positions are also abundant.


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